TERRA FELIS MULTI - Rabbit & Turkey


S$ 5.00

TERRA CANIS Gardendrops - Fruit snack
TERRA CANIS Gardendrops - Fruit snack
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S$ 22.00

TERRA FELIS MULTI - Rabbit & Turkey


100% human-grade quality of all ingredients
Delicious smell, high acceptance
90% meat, grain-free recipe
Sugar-free, without preservatives & synth. flavours

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S$ 5.00

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With their 90% fresh muscle meat and valuable offal, the grain-free Terra Felis menus offer a very high proportion of meat. This supplies the cat, as a pure carnivore, the important omega-6 fatty acids and the large quantity of animal protein it needs for energy production and all metabolic processes. To ensure healthy intestinal function and intestinal peristalsis, the cat needs a small amount of fibre. All Terra Felis menus are therefore supplemented with a selected vegetable and catnip. The meals are rounded off with the addition of taurine and rapeseed oil, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Only ingredients in 100% human-grade quality are used. This quality and freshness is reflected in the exceptionally appetising and exquisite smell of the menus and leads to good acceptance among cats.

Composition: Rabbit meat (53%), turkey liver (21%), turkey muscle meat (8%), turkey skin (8%), broccoli (4%), tomato powder, rapeseed oil, catnip*, minerals  *dried

Nutritional additives/kg: Vit. A (3a672a): 1000 IE, Vit. D3 (3a671): 200 IE, Vit. E (3a700): 60 IE, copper (3b405): 2.5 mg, manganese (3b502): 2.5 mg, iodine (3b202): 1 mg, zinc (3b603): 16 mg, taurine (3a370): 2750 mg

Ratio: Meat : vegetables/fruit/herbs : other ingredients : 90% : 5% : 5%

Analytical components:  Protein: 12.1%, fat content: 5.5%, crude fibre: 0.3%, crude ash: 1.6%, moisture: 79.6%

Feeding recommendation for normal-weight of an adult cat: 

How to store: Store all canned food in cool, dark, dry place.

How to store after opening: Open tins should be stored in the fridge. where they will keep for 2-3 days. Allow the food to warm up a bit before feeding – your pet will tolerate this better than cold food straight from the fridge. This will also help its body utilise the food better.


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